Credit Terms and Conditions

  1. Unless communicated differently, credits only apply to listings purchased at full price. Use of discounts will immediately invalidate any credit for redemption. 
  2. A Credit can only be used once per transaction on the redemption of a service.
  3. A Credit can only be used once for the service the credit was intended for, if not used in full, the remaining balance can be applied to a future transaction of the same type. 
  4. Credit cannot be used to purchase a directory listing or used to credit a listing similar transaction to how it was obtained. 
  5. A Credit can only be used by the payee of the listing, 
  6. Credits can’t be combined or grouped with another credit of the same or differing type. 
  7. If a refund is given on a transaction in which a credit was used, this automatically invalidates the associated credit from being re-applied in the future.
  8. If a credit is applied, and henceforth contributes to the invoice total being below $0.00 then its value is not considered for refunds or attributable toward credit in the account. 
  9. The credit and any remaining balances will expire 12 months from the initial listing live date regardless of renewals. 
  10. Renewing a listing does not renew credits, credits only apply once / the lifetime of the listing.